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Mock your REST APIs for fast front end development.

Viaduct is the easiest way to manage your APIs, spin up and mock API responses without worrying about local deployments and keeping your team in sync.

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Cloud Based

No local install or setup per person. Easily spin up new API servers and mock responses and update in real time.


Dyanmic Endpoint Variables

No need to hardcode url parameters by using regex (e.g. /[1-9]{3}) or route parameter (:id) placeholders in your endpoint URI.


Multiple Endpoint Responses

Add mutliple rule based responses to each endpoint using endpoint parameters or body or query string variables.



SSL secured by default using Lets Encrypt with certificates automatically renewed within the 90 day validity period.



No time wasted setting up CORs! All required cross origin headers are enabled and sent to handle OPTIONS pre-flight requests.

Inline Editor Validation

Our JSON editor automatically recognises and highlights any accidental bugs to reduce development friction.



Add additional latency to responses, either at a server or endpoint level, to test edge cases or simulate real world connections.


Response Headers

Add multiple response headers per server and endpoint, with endpoint headers taking priority.


Request Logging

Log all requests made to the server for future inspection or to create endpoints with a click of a button from the request payload.


API Docs

Auto generate API documentation and download or host on Viaduct. Import/export OpenAPI v3 format.


Endpoint Groups

Combine endpoints into groups for easier management and auto generate RESTful group items.


Teams (team plan only)

Users can be part of multiple teams with one account. Team admins can invite people, set access levels and setup custom subdomains.

*Request logging, api docs, endpoint groups, and teams are coming soon!

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